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#DoubleSpeak on National Integration

The double speak of the #Narendra Modi-Amit Shah dispensation on national integration is really astounding.

On the one hand, they are, day in and day out, hammering the point that they have brought about complete integration of India by revoking #Jammu and Kashmir’s special status. In this context, they have been mentioning repeatedly that there is now only one Constitution in force through out India including Jammu and Kashmir. And all states have only flag, the Indian national flag, the tiranga.

On the other hand, they are in talks with outfits like the National Socialist Council of Nagaland(Isak-Muivah), which have made it clear that a separate flag and constitution are pre-requisites for “an honourable solution” of the #Naga issue.

The Narendra Modi government had, with great fanfare, signed a #Framework Agreement with Naga insurgent outfits on August 3, 2015, which it had claimed at the time to be the biggest initiative of its type.

The accord had been touted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as having the potential to settle the decades old Naga #insurgency.

The question now arises if there can be talks with outfits demanding a separate flag and constitution, why deny the same to Jammu and Kashmir.