Is Federal Front a Non-starter

IS FEDERAL FRONT A NON-STARTER TRS President and Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has tried to give a new ideological push to the idea of a third front or federal front, in its latest avatar, by saying that it would bring about qualitative change in governance. Blaming the BJP and Congress led coalitions for […]

Insight Delhi

Seculars Unite, #India Calling

With victory in Jharkhand and a strong show in Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP is well on its way to realization of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s quest for absolute power. The opposition, especially the erstwhile ruling party, the Congress party, is nowhere to be seen. At least, the so-called secular forces have failed to put […]

State of the States

Formals out Informals In

An interesting battle is building up in the Maharashtra Assembly elections , with old alliances breaking up but new combines yet not on the horizon. Constituents of the two major opposite camps in the state have fallen out, making it anybody’s game in the coming October 15 , 2014 Assembly elections. The Congress and the […]